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Transportation Coordinator: Terry Chenette

Phone: (860) 376-2325 x 122



Bus Routes:


High School


Special Transportation Request Form


Guidelines for Bus Behavior


Misconduct Infraction   Prohibited Infractions
  •  Improper boarding and departing
  • Bringing articles aboard of injurious or objectionable nature
  • Failure to remain seated
  • Rude, discourteous, or annoying conduct
  • Hollering
  • Eating any type of food or candy
  • Failure to follow directions
  • Refusing to obey driver
  • Littering
  • Fighting, pushing, tripping
  • Hanging out windows
  • Throwing objects in or out of the bus
  • Open flames-matches, lighters, etc
  • Improper behavior or threatening language (abusive, filthy, swearing)
  • Smoking/use of tobacco products
  • Drugs and related paraphernalla
  • Unauthorized departure from bus
  • Spitting
  • Tampering with bus equipment
  • Destructions of property
  • Weapons such as knives and firearms including toy pistols or cap guns
  • Riding bus to school and not attending school
  • Riding high school bus to Elementary school then getting off bus and into a personal vehicle