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Newsletter Week of 3/25  

Preschool Newsletter ~ Week of March 25th

We are exploring a spring, field trip. At this point, we are thinking about the Roger Williams Zoo. The one issue is the size of this location. Our hope would be for a chaperone (parent/guardian) to attend with each child. Therefore, if you have not already done this, please consider completing the steps to become an approved, parent volunteer. Please, call the main office to schedule your brief meeting with an administrator to review safety procedures and fill out a DCF form. 

Please note, as the weather improves, we will be spending time outside on a daily basis. Therefore, please double check that your child has proper fitting shoes (sneakers are preferred) as well as extra clothing in their backpacks. If they are sent home with items that do not belong to them, please return them the next day. We continue to encourage "home toys are for home and school toys are for school" in order to minimize lost and/or broken items.

This week we discussed “Spring/The Weather” 
Discussed our favorite type of weather
Reinforced making AB & ABB patterns 
Identified and sorted weather pieces by one attribute
Practiced identifying our first names in print
Created weather related artwork
Continue to visit our preschool buddies
Practiced ordinal position (first, second, third)

Books:  Weather, The Wind Blew, The Cloud Book, Clifford and the Big Storm, What Makes a Rainbow?, Clouds, Little Cloud, What is a Cloud?, Windy Day, Once There was a Raindrop, Down Comes the Rain, I Paint a Rainbow, What Will the Weather Be Like Today? When Spring Comes.

Important Dates:

Monday, April 1st ~ Scholastic Book Order Due.

Monday, April 15th  through April 19th  ~ No School

Have a great weekend!  Mrs. Wyland