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Newsletter Week of 5/27  

~Preschool Newsletter ~

Week of May 27th


The students really enjoyed exploring “Dinosaurs” this week! It was adorable watching them dance to some of our music at circle time. Throughout the school year, I have shared a number of youtube videos of songs, if you would like a specific link/song please let me know and I will send it through our communication app, Remind.


It is finally getting warmer outside; therefore, please be sure to pack an extra set of clothes (including socks and shoes). We will be setting up the water table and other fun spring activities where their clothes might get wet. There has been an influx of injuries related to tripping or slipping on the playscape. Sandals with open toes, flip flops, or slippery soles (dress sandals) should not worn on the playscape. If your child would like to use the playscape, please provide sneakers, closed toe sandals, or sandals with a grip type bottom.


Please note, the students will not be taking books out from the school library for the rest of the year. This gives the librarian time to organize and finalize end of the year tasks. If your child’s library book has been misplaced or lost please let me know and the librarian will send home replacement cost information.


The children really enjoyed visiting the Voluntown Public Library. If requested, their library cards are included with this newsletter. Also, there is a summer reading program information flyer. The programs are wonderful and free of charge. Plus, your child could earn some free prizes.


Important Dates:

  • Thursday, June 6th  ~ End of the Year Preschool Celebration.

  • Tuesday, June 11th ~ Last Day of Preschool.

Have a nice weekend! Mrs. Wyland


Newsletter Week of 5/6  

Preschool Newsletter ~ Week of May 6th

The children had a wonderful week. Since it is starting to get warmer outside, we will begin using the water table and spray bottles soon. Please, be sure to pack extra clothes (including socks and shoes) in case they get wet. Also, it is safest if flip flops or open toed shoes are not worn at school. It is difficult for children to participate in outside play, especially the playscape, if their shoes are slippery or falling off.

Have you ever looked closely at young children's hands? Many children 3-6 years old have unrefined, chunky, full-fisted hands. In function, you will see children manipulate objects and hold writing tools with their whole hand as opposed to using precision grasps. As children enjoy hands-on activities and experience purposeful play, their unrefined hands transform into fine, precision-based tools with which to perform self-help and other fine motor skills like handwriting. 
It's the little things that support fine motor skill development! You can assist development of digit individuation and tripod pencil grasp in young children by providing the following fabulous activities in school and at home!
Finger Puppets provide snug pressure that "alerts" fingers and encourages them to move individually.  Also, rhymes or fun facts to support oral expression and movement for whole-group involvement!  
16 crayon rocks
These popular gems support the development of the tripod pencil grasp in an appropriate and engaging way!
Support young children's fine motor development with little things that have a huge purpose! The power to transform a unrefined, chunky, full-fisted hands into functional precision tools is in YOUR hands

Important Date:      

Thursday, May 16 ~ Field Trip to Roger Williams Zoo. If you plan to chaperone this trip, please complete form and meeting if needed at least two weeks prior to the trip.

Friday, May 17 ~ Early Dismissal ~ Professional Development. NO PM class.

Thank you! Have a great weekend! ☺ Mrs. Wyland