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Newsletter Week of 2/4  

Preschool Newsletter ~ Week of February 4th

This week we have been exploring the Arctic weather and animals. The students have made very cute comments about our weather. At times, they  seem confused about whether it is winter or not. Hopefully, the snow and ice will stay to a minimum and spring will be here soon. We are still planning to have our Valentine's Day celebration on Thursday, Feb. 14th. Please, send in your child's Valentine cards/treats before this day. Also, I would love your input on planning some parent activities, such as: workshops, a guest speaker, parent resources. If there are specific topics that would interest you, please write them below or send me an email. Suggestions are very helpful! ☺

The dramatic play area will be a restaurant next. The children really seem to be enjoy spending time in this part of the classroom. Also, we are continuing to explore colors/shapes, rote/rational counting, rhyming, alliteration, and patterning. It would be helpful if you reinforce these concepts at home.

  • Rote counting = the ability to recite the number names in sequence by memory.

  • Rational counting = involves one to one correspondence between the objects being counted and the number names, the understanding that the last number said is the number of objects present.

  • Rhyming = words that sound the same...such as: cat and mat, dog and log.

  • Alliteration = words that begin with the same sound...such as:  car, cat, letter, lion.

  • Patterning = repeating a series of a pattern...such as:  red blue red blue blue red blue blue.

Important Dates:

  • Thursday, Feb. 14th ~ Valentine's Day Celebration.

  • Friday, Feb. 15th ~ Early Dismissal. No PM class.

  • Monday, Feb. 18th ~ No School. President’s Day.


Have a great weekend! ☺ Mrs. Wyland