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How do I enroll my child in the preschool programs at VES?  Please call the main office (376-2325) for details and forms needed to register your child. A current physical with vaccinations and an original birth certificate are needed.  

Can I volunteer in my child's classroom? Yes! We love to have parents participate in fun activities, attend field trips, and assist with projects or special events. I send home monthly volunteer calendars. Also, you can just call, send in a note, or email so I will know when to expect you. Each year, parents need to attend a brief meeting with administration to review our safety procedures. Please, schedule this in order to be an approved, parent volunteer. 

What philosophy does the program utilize? School Readiness classrooms follow a philosophy of Developmentally Appropriate Practice. This means that children are participating in a classroom that is designed around their interests and capabilities. The learning centers, materials, and activities are age appropriate, inviting, and child-friendly. The teacher is responsive to individual needs and acts as a facilitator to guide children through their exploration.

It is very helpful for each child to have a regular size backpack. There should be an extra set of clothes and socks in case of "accidents". Also, you may include a zippy cup, if needed. We go outside on a daily basis, weather permitting, so sneakers, mittens, and hats are recommended. Please, label items with your child's name. Also, the students visit the school library onceper week; therefore, library books are due back the following week. Thank you!

>*@Please, do NOT send in anything which contains peanuts or any tree nuts. There are children who have allergies to these foods.@*<